You Can Do It Really Well – Enjoy the Game

Learn how you can do the bloody good job, and inject some fun and make more employable (there are some transferable skills in bar apart from “will balance 2 plates with arm”). At 여성알바, you will get all types of help that you need to get a good job for girls.

Can I Do a Good Job?

You live, learn, and pass on your wisdom and advice to other. One important advice that I have learnt is to be the mime artist & working in the restaurant to fund the course:

Be straight-talking

Just forget about the small-talk & pleasantries: when you are on a floor, learn speaking in the short sentences that will otherwise appear very rude. Worrying of saying sorry for a fork, and asking colleague “in case you have time, can you pass me vinegar when you are done with the table?” takes a little time and you genuinely don’t have.


Get prepared

You need pen and notepad and your till key and a bottle opener. Suppose you are working in the bar, you need lighter. When you leave the above on a side or in a kitchen, somebody may yell at you for lighting some candles when customer starts crying as you have opened the wine. For the girls our there, stick pen in bun or kooky up do. And for guys, stick pen behind the ear.

Maximise on your notepad

Draw a table plan on back of the pad. Then ale list or wine list or lager list in case you have got the bad memory. Come up with the system for taking note. If it is table of two, then you will get away with scrawling the list, but it is good that you maintain the strict habits as suddenly you will get the party of 20 and having brain working automatic is simple than remember the orders and the correct way of writing it down. Everybody has got their own process, however this was mine:

It is not perfect & appears highly complicated at a glance, honestly? Oh.