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The goal of globalization is fluid. An immigration lawyer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, might assist you in understanding the complex governmental regulations and continuously changing immigration laws so that the staff members can cross borders quickly, lawfully, and without interference with the work. One may trust immigration services in Winnipeg, MB, and Canada to help you with the hiring process. Pilkington Immigration assists organizations and people who want to live, work or study in Canada. Pilkington also provides help with matters related to citizenship and naturalization, providing a wide range of support for your unique situation.

Resources for Families Green Carders in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Beginning from family members like spouses of US citizens, kids (below 21 and single US residents), and parents of US citizens, families’ green card petitions to the US are essentially classified into five groups. Requests in this category of close relatives are handled the quickest, usually within one year.

First Preference: Adult, single daughters, and sons of U.S. citizens are preferred.

second preference (2A): Couples with green cards and their unmarried children who are permanent residents are given.

Second preference (2B): Daughters and sons of permanent residents who are not married.

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Third preference: American citizens’ wedded daughters and sons (of any age).

Fourth preference: American citizens’ older siblings.

Even though it is possible to sponsor individuals seeking green card holders to the United States under other of these other categories, the processing times get lengthier and in some cases take several years. Throughout this procedure, the consumer must consult with the interviewer.

Interview with a Consul

Approximately two to three months following the embassy staff’s initial notification to the beneficiaries, the visa examination is held at the closest American embassy or consular office in the nation where the nominated fiancée is from. Usually, a hearing officer would decide on the matter either on the spot or immediately after the discussion. If they require more proof, they will ask that it be delivered straight to the American consulate. Anyone may submit Type I-485 (Request to Establish Permanent Address or Adjust Status), together with Form I-765, if you decide to make a permanent residency application after arriving. You would then be authorized to work for a full year.