What Is Confined Space Rescue Training?

There are two types of worker rescues namely industrial entry teams and non-entry teams. In case of complex and dangerous Confined space rescue situations, entry rescue teams are often preferred. In other cases, non-entry rescue is chosen.

Entry rescue teams are emergency teams which have comprehensive training to save the co-workers with specialized equipment who trapped in the confined space.

In other words, confined space rescue training helps employees deal with dangers, the work in the area, and be aware of what steps they have to take if something should go incorrect.

Rescuers must be skilled in working in confined areas as well as the areas of rescue, in addition to potential hazards and exposures. Throughout the rescue process, communication among coworkers or among rescue teams needs to be constant.

One of the most important equipments used in confined space rescue training is a ventilation system. High-class monitoring and clean and fresh air supply apparatus is essential for confined space rescue workers. In addition to that gas, detection tools maintain the tracking of the quality of the air in such space.

confined space rescue training

For rescuing purpose, a lifeline which acts as a harness is connected to the person who is working in the small area and the standby worker use this lifeline to pull the worker to safety if something wrong happened. Other than this, safety equipment, such as industry-specific coveralls, helmets, and gloves, are frequently worn by the rescuers.

Every confined space entry is unique and each needs a documented emergency plan which covers all types of emergencies and their specific rescue procedures.

Having an effective confined space rescue plan, you can ensure that if an emergency occurs, safe and effective emergency response can be undertaken that has been documented.

Working in confined spaces is a necessary yet potentially highly dangerous job. You can even select a type of confined space rescue training based on the type, you may be required to respond.

Therefore, confined space rescues are one of the forms of rescue that often involves setting up complex rope rescue systems, utilizing breathing apparatus equipment and utilizing gas detection equipment.