What is Bitcoin and how does it employment A big question

Cryptocurrencies, led by bitcoin, quickly conquered the market for alternative payment methods for fiat money. Their gigantic development has meant that a growing group of people are interested in what bitcoin is, how it works and whether it is worth investing in it. This site is entirely dedicated to the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin news  which is Bitcoin . You will find there interesting, useful and comprehensive knowledge on how to start the adventure with BTC, whether it is worth doing it and what you can expect when investing in bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin ?

For people unfamiliar with the subject, bitcoin can be an abstract, even unreal, creation. However, it is really very real but intangible. Bitcoin is a currency or investment, payment instrument or object of trade. Finally, bitcoin is information and the network. Since bitcoin has so many meanings, can it be contained in one short definition. Bitcoin is an innovative currency used in online transactions. The above definition, however, is somewhat harmful to  because it does not exhaust all its meanings. Bitcoin is called internet gold , so it means more than currency. Bitcoin is also:


Everyone has access to bitcoin and everyone can check how bitcoin news works. This is possible because BTC was created based on open source code, so-called open source , whose characteristic feature is the universal right of access and freedom of use. So you can check the correctness of the code at any time and verify it, of course, if you have the necessary knowledge in the field of information technology.