Urban Street Fashion Clothing

City clothes are based on practicality and expressiveness and, as a rule, are elements of style that adapt to an active lifestyle. If a girl in the city spends most of her time walking from one place to another, she will wear shoes that will be comfortable enough and stable, but at the same time bold, clothes that look at the audience.

This is where the concept of street clothing is born.

Standing in a crowd of young people and looking around, you can see the urban aesthetics of the street at work. Outdoor shoes, or high, are, first of all, sneakers, sneakers or other canvas shoes, high sneakers, skate shoes and boots. Practicality is the key, but not the dominant factor. They are not shaky, high fashion shoes. Street fashion 2018 is a variation of color and print and figuring out how many combinations can be made of them.

Street fashion

Skate clothes are a little less diverse. T-shirts, shirts and sweatshirts are not uncommon. Denim is the main element of trousers and shoes; they are specially designed for this category. Skate shoes are made by many brands and are specially designed to work under the pressure of a skateboard. These boots have nasal supports built into the interior, and there are sides, upper parts and studded tongues.


Hip-hop clothing is, in fact, the height of individual expression on the city stage. This category takes color combinations to the extreme. Jeans are loose or stretchy, and shoes should hug legs. T-shirts and sweatshirts are common among men, while girls choose tight t-shirts and loose or stretchy blouses. The key is movement. Hip-hop clothes are made for dancing. The intention is to make a startling statement without being delayed by the seams of jeans.