Try Out These Fun Couple Drinking Games For An Adventurous And Fun Game Session

Well, you know what they say about couples that couples who drink together, stay together! Well, drinking with your partner is the ultimate fun you can have because you can be all yourself without the slightest doubt of being judged. Moreover, it can create some fun yet beautiful memories for you both. However, what fun it is if alcohol does not bring out the best of you, isn’t it? Trust the experts, there is nothing hotter than to see your partner getting all competitive while being drunk. If you wish to enjoy this fun site, do make sure to try out some of the most adventurous Fun couple drinking games which shall prompt you to get all competitive while you are drunk.

Spill out the secrets

Drinking games are expected to be quite casual and fun for the very reason that the person is drunk while playing them. This means that there is certainly no room for games like a monopoly because you’ll end up many debts! Well, one of the mostpopulardrinking game is the one which requires you to spill out your darkest secrets. The game which is called ‘never have I ever’ requires a person to speak of one thing that they have never tried in their life and then, the other person has to tell whether he has or has not. But, here is the catch! You do not speak and tell but your drink and tell. If you have tried it ever, you must take a sip from yourglass, if not then you can stay sober. Well, to notch up the game, you can even change the rules. From taking a sip, you can notch it to one full glass or maybe can!

Fun couple drinking games

Guess the lie!

Well, yet another drinking game is the one where you are required to state three sentences about yourself. Two of the three sentences shall be true and one false. Your partner is required to guess the one which is false and if he or she fails to do so, then they will have to drink from their can. Similarly, there can be other fun and interesting games which you can make yourself.

Thus, by trying out these easy to play and Fun couple drinking games, you shall be able to raise the heat between your partner and you while being drunk.