Tips to improve the needs of tenants in the lease of commercial real estate

Responding to tenants’ requests in commercial or commercial real estate should only be done correctly. In today’s market we see many vacancies for rent, which is good. This is an agency market full of opportunities, and we can work selectively with the right real estate and the best customers. In other words, we can select a list based on quality and convenience.

Homeowners today need the best agents who have a good knowledge of the commercial real estate market. Another valuable thing today is your database; In those moments, agents with a good database of modern contacts, as a rule, carry out sale and lease transactions.

So, what to do with the tenants today? You have to talk to many of them. Those who succeed will probably see a move after the lease expires to the best facilities at reasonable and affordable prices. They tend to take advantage of higher vacancy rates and abundance of high-quality lease funds.

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Here are some questions and ideas to combine with your plans and tenant search systems,

  1. Explore all local businesses to identify those that are more successful than others. Some segments of the business community will be quite busy and profitable. Expansion or relocation can be a consideration for them.
  1. Understanding when a lease expires for all local businesses is the next most important fact in the industry. As part of your tenant search model, ask questions about the expiration of the lease. Any expiration of the lease within the next 24 months is a goal in which you must work. Constant contact with the business owner must “open the door” for ongoing discussions. Most business owners have little or no idea of ​​what the real estate lease market does in terms of rent and vacancies. You can solve this problem.
  1. The owner of the company will have critical factors that affect the movement of property and any new lease. Location, time, rent, improvements, options and permitted uses are some of them. You can create a lease checklist that applies to your location and real estate specialty. The advantage of the checklist approach is that it has a “hard copy” of the discussions it creates, but it also gives the tenant the impression that it is very professional; You ask questions that most other agents forget.


When the commercial real estate sales market is slow, the commercial real estate leasing union city ca is usually an excellent withdrawal strategy for agencies and commissions lists. You can work with the best objects and vacancies that you have now or will be available in the near future. Meet the best local companies and quality owners who own the best real estate. The formula for the success of the lease is within.