Tips for creating summer air conditioners

Air conditioners should be ready before summer. Consequently, the best time to check will be in the spring. Start at least 15 days before you really need air conditioning. Start by turning on the power and checking the cooling performance.

In the spring for a small room, cooling should occur in a few minutes. Check if there is any unusual problem with noise, water leakage and temperature gradient. If the cooling is fine and you do not see any other problem with your vision, the air conditioner can work normally and more efficiently through aircon servicing.

aircon servicing

However, to make a more accurate check, you can schedule annual maintenance by hiring an air conditioner in the spring. On the other hand, you can perform the verification yourself by performing a simple verification procedure.

Air conditioners do two things.

Provide air temperature control and give filtered air. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat. If the thermostat is not in the right place, it can register the wrong temperature and cause the air temperature to adjust incorrectly.

The thermostat should be placed near the fuel bodies. If these bodies are cold, the thermostat will not overload to cool the temperature.

The second destination are the filters. They collect a lot of dirt and grime during the filtration process. Places subject to dust and high levels of contamination will result in very dirty filters and, therefore, may require frequent cleaning.

If you decide to skip cleaning, think again.

Your bulky electricity bills can be an indirect result of dirty filters, since the air conditioning has to work extra hours and consume more energy to be efficient. Another disadvantage of a dirty filter is the recycling of the same dust in the work and residential areas. This can clog the channels and pave the way for the secondary growth of mold and algae. The dangers to health are also around the corner.

After cleaning the filters, the bulb should go to the condenser. This is part of the air conditioning system that exchanges hot air and directs cool cooled air. Blocking the pipes leading to the condenser will cause water leakage. This unit also has a fan. This fan cools the air. If there are residues collected in this area, they should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Do not use hoses, as this could cause a short circuit.

Clean the fan ribs and allow them to air dry before turning on the power. A low vacuum will be the best way to clean up debris and dirt.

Check for friction and loosen the screws. This can cause noise and unwanted wear on the mechanical parts. Revision of abrasion prone parts with good lubrication quality.