Three Different Types of Cloud Based Solutions

In the modern world, everyone wants to save their precious data in a secure platform. The Cloud-based data storage is highly increasing in demand all around the globe. This process is used by a single individual and entire business firms. If you own a business, then you surely don’t want to lose your important data by accident deletion, virus attack, and file transfers, etc. The reason can be anything, but you want to save your data in a secure platform then use the Cloud-based solutions. The recent studies show that 40%+ of cloud security breaches are due to employee error.

The Cloud-based is an internet platform where you can easily save important documents and business files. This is one of the incredible secure platforms to save the important documents and files instead of saving the files in local hard drives and many other storage devices. The data centers will allow you to save the documents and files in a very secure platform. Everyone uses the Cloud storage system for different purposes such as enterprise use this platform for solving the different types of issues. The small business owner’s use this platform to lower the cost and the IT specialist use this platform to save the important and sensitive data keep safe in the Cloud-based solution.

Cloud Solution

Types of Cloud Solution:

  • Public Cloud: This Cloud-based solution is one of the most affordable options. In this service, it offers the accessibility and security to keep the data safe. At Public Cloud solution you can save the data which are in an unstructured form which includes files and folders.
  • Private Cloud: This is expensive Cloud-Based solution as compared to the Public Cloud. The user will get unlimited access to the system. This system is expensive because you have to manage the hard drives physically and maintain the hard drives.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Most of the big companies use the public cloud to save their data like files and folders. But at the same time they also save their sensitive and important data in a private cloud. But saving the data to two different types of Cloud-based solution will give the issue. The best way to save the sensitive and folders documents is in Hybrid cloud. This service will give you the opportunity to customization and affordability and balance both of them equally.

In many companies the 40%+ of cloud security breaches are due to employee error, if you don’t want to lose your important data from the Cloud-based solution, then try the above types of cloud security which is suitable for your requirement and business. All the above Cloud-based solution is the main reason why Cloud Security is the ultimate option for keeping the data safe.