Things to Consider When Thinking About Barefoot Running Shoes

There is no doubt that running is a great way to improve both your mental and physical wellbeing. To get all the benefits, you need the right running shoes. There are many types of running shoes you can consider from neutral shoes to stability shoes and motion-control shoes. It is just a matter of choosing the right one based on your arch type and gait type.

Many runners these days take interest in minimalist footwear or barefoot running shoes. If you are interested, here are other things to consider when buying the best barefoot running shoes:


Before you move to this minimalist type of running, it is prudent to determine its advantages first. You should have an idea what you are going into. Advantages of barefoot running shoes include the following:
It mitigates repetitive stress: runners who swear by this claim that it can mitigate the risk of repetitive stress caused by the normal running shoes.
Low joint impact: minimalist runners also believe that it can help preserve joints because it is considered low to no impact.
Your balance will improve: when you consider barefoot running shoes, your sense of balance will improve. These shoes typically trigger small muscles in your legs that can allow you to run better.
• Lightweight: when you run for longer distances, you will really appreciate lightweight shoes. Barefoot running shoes are extremely lightweight – some even weigh less than 9 ounces.

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You also need to be aware of the disadvantages so you will know what to expect. Disadvantages of minimalist running include the following:

It takes time getting used to: just like anything when you are starting, it will take time

 etting used to. When you first use the shoes, it might even feel awkward but you have to carry on.
Weather challenges: barefoot running shoes are hard to wear especially during extreme weather conditions (too hot or too cold).
You may develop blisters: since you are not used to this, you may develop blisters in the first couple of weeks.


It is time to start looking for the right shoes. The shoe should be able to bend. There are many barefoot running shoes that offer hard soles. You should avoid these shoes because they will not provide a proper landing.


When it comes to the thickness of the barefoot running shoes, it should be minimal. Remember that if the shoes are thin, it will really feel like that it part of your body.


The next thing to consider is the elevation of the shoes. The elevation should be as low as possible. The reason for this is to mimic the foot position of an actual foot.

Bottom line

Barefoot running may be new but it does not mean it is not equally beneficial. These shoes are not equipped with extra cushioning to develop a proper running form. If you want to know more, you should head to the nearest shoe store and discuss your options with the salesperson. You should remember everything you can about barefoot running to make an informed buying decision.