The pride of South Korea

Even though there are many countries around the world, some countries are always considered to be the rulers of the world. It can be said that South Korea is one among them. This country is located in East Asia which has the extremely militarized borders. Especially their borders with North Korea are highly watched by the leading countries around the world. Obviously their borders are always supposed to have a panic situation around the year. However, the Government has always initiated better effort to provide the best secured lifestyle for the residents.

Moon Jae-in

One of the most important people who cannot be ignored while speaking about the South Korea is Moon Jae-in. He is the President of South Korea who has also won the hearts of many people across the world. Especially he is highly appreciated for the effort he has initiated in order to overcome the pandemic situation like Covid 19. He has always initiated more effort to lead the nation with great prosperity and safety. He is also highly renowned for its attention towards the advancement in technology. He has always initiated more effort to tackle the nation’s issue with its neighboring country North Korea.

the information’s about the flag colors there are more interesting factors and historical facts are hiding in it.

Career Growth

Even though the Moon jae in is highly into politics professionally he is a human rights lawyer. He has faced various challenges in his life in order to reach this pinnacle of success. Especially as the son from North Korean Refugee family he has faced various struggles right from his Childhood. He has struggled more under the arms of poverty during his childhood. He used his studies as a great weapon to get rid of all the obstacles in his way. He shined in his school curriculum in all means. A great change in his career occurred while he was studying law in the Kyung Hee University. During his college days he was imprisoned as he was engaged in the protest against Yushin Constitution.

Political life

After great struggles, protest, imprisonment and various sacrifices he became the President of South Korea in 2017. The way towards his President seat was not an easy deal as it sound to be. He competed with his fellow politician in order to get nominated for the President election. On the other side, the other parties in the nation have also announced strong candidates against Moon. However, because of his strong intension and effective speech among the public he became the President of South Korea. One of the main reasons for his success in the election is he promised for a transparent Presidency and it has also impressed the citizens to a greater extent. After occupying the President seat, he also faced several social media issues which created great vibes around the world.