The Pneumatic Casters And Their Pros And Cons

A more fancy word to refer to the word “air” is the word “pneumatic. The word pneumatic casters all together mean the wheels made of rubber and filled with air in them. These pneumatic tires are a dwarf version of the car tires since the benefits of the casters and the tires and the limitation of these casters and the tires are to most extent same. The pneumatic casters are a great pick for outdoor movements due to their ability of great gripping and movement over difficult terrains. Not only this but for a more smooth and comfortable various coatings of foam and other airy materials can be opted for inclusions of which make the casters even more tougher and resistant to occurrence of tears.

Making and working of these casters

The core of these casters is filled with air and then is made airtight to prevent any leakage of air. Then asteel belting is introduced to cover the core and bring about an enhancement in the contact surface of the caster and the road or the terrain surface.  Due to the inside pressure rage overpowering the outside atmospheric pressure the inflation of the tire remains intact even when the weight of the whole assemble rests upon these casters.

pneumatic casters

Pros and cons of these tires

Everything has an up and a down side. Similarly there are pros and cons surrounding the applications of the pneumatic tires. The different pros and cons of the pneumatic casters are discussed below:

Pros: these casters have lots of benefits to their credit. These include

  • Quality of excellent absorption of shock: these casters work very well even if the terrain is rough rugged or bumpy. This makes them an ideal choice for all round movement only upon the criteria of not to be exposed to sudden shock.
  • Low noise movement: another incredible feature of these casters is the no noise movement. Since the outer covering is rubber made and the tread of soft rubber these tires have the capability to make very little to no noise upon their movement.
  • No damage to the flooring: since their outer make and tread is very soft these casters cause no damage to the flooring on which they are used. This is because with the softness they are made they easily glide over the surface in soft terrain and make a high friction grip on the rugged terrain.

Cons: though covered with lots of usage benefits a little some flaws are still present. These are:

  • Punctures: the occurrence of punctures in these tires completely fail the caster movement and they then become of no use.
  • Starting effort to bring motion: though once in motion they work perfectly well however an initial thrust is required to bring these casters into first motion.

Apart from all these factors these casters are a complete hit and very optimized to use.