The Best Ping Pong Tables: A Listicle

Contrasting to other indoor games which mostly requires the application of mind, Table Tennis aka Ping Pong is a complete game as it requires the application of both your mind and body. It is also the most famous game in the world of working professionals as they get a very little time and space to focus on any other game. Hence they tend to occupy a major space in the office cafeteria or recreational activities room. While most of the people across the world see it as an indoor game, it can also be played under the sun. The following are the factors to meditate upon before buying a best table tennis table (as per your resources)

Playing Space: This is the prime factor to focus upon as the best table tennis table must be able to fit into your room space. The volumetric dimension of the regulation table is 9x5x2. That means it should be 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 2 feet high. Also, it is recommended to have five feet of extra space at both the ends and 3 feet extra space at the sides of the table and the wall or you will end up running into the lateral walls.

Level: The amount of playing experience also comes into play. If you are not a professional then there is a fair chance that you will nurture your table which will end up in its destruction. So it’s highly advisable for part time players to choose longevity over quality, as some of the high performing expensive tables need a good care and attention.

Money: This obviously is the final deciding factor in any purchase. No matter what you want your pocket will shape your purchase, not ambitions. Hence, find a deal worth your requirements.

Folding accessibility: Generally for an occasional player who is little short of space will certainly not sacrifice the entire room to a table hence your table should have the folding facility in order to fold it up in half and store it away in minimal space.

Above were some basic points to bear while making a purchase. Now let us list down some of the world’s best Ping Pong tables

1.     Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table

2.     JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

3.     JOOLA Tour 1500 Indoor Table Tennis Table

4.     Sponeta Super Compact, 8-37 W Premium Indoor Table Tennis Table, ITTF Tournament Approved