Take care of your body after childbirth through confinement

In order to enjoy the real beauty of mother hood, we have a practise called confinement after the child birth. Usually it is an act of confining both the mother and baby into a room in order to protect them from any future illness due to the exposure of negative environmental factors. In addition there is more restrictions for the food intake and the good news is that there are special confinement meals for the Singapore culture.

confinement mealsThanks to the ancient culture which has its roots in the deep nature and this is still working because of its attachment towards nature. So you could enjoy the confinement period of your life because the body will be reversing the changes that had happened in the last nine months during your pregnancy.

Ingrid nets of the confinement food

Se same oil has great importance in the preparation of the confinement meals. Along with chicken, sesame oil is still considered to be the nutritious choice for a mother and her baby. You need to take care of your body health by the help of natural ingredients and ginger is one of the most sought after the sesame oil. Because ginger has manyanti microbial effects and the recent studies have proved that confinement food will drive out various infections present in the mother and baby. So it is considered as a preventive method to stop any health ailments affecting both the mother and her child. Liver and parts of pork needs to be cooked with proper boiling temperature in order to satisfy the nutritional needs of mother.