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    Highly purified drinking water is produced only by two processes, which are reverse osmosis and steam distillation.As far as RO systems are concerned, the semi-permeable membrane removes all molecules other than that of water. Thus, any water which has passed through the Shane Water Filter and RO Home Water Filtration System is pure to the highest possible factor.

    The level of purity from RO filtration systems is so high that the US FDA recommends that this water should be used in medical applications. It is also recommended to those industries, which require water in its purest form such as in pharmaceutical sector.

    RO systems manufacturers claim to give 90-95% pure water. In reality it is close to 90-% purity. However, systems with less than seven filtration stages give less purity. Even waters with 80% purity are safe to drink.

    Is RO water harmful for you?

    There are several people who rubbish the claims of RO systems manufacturers that purity levels are so high or remain high through the lifecycle of the cleaning tube or candle. There are others who state that stripping water off essential minerals like salt or calcium is depriving benefits associated with drinking water. Our bodies are supposed to get these minerals.

    RO filtration method is considered as one of the best and safest filtration methods. Water coming into your home is far from safe. It may contain minerals but it also contain contaminants. Unless these contaminants are removed you may fall ill. Further, water is not the only source of minerals like calcium, potassium or salt. The body can derive these minerals from food and other sources as well. Besides, unfiltered water may have harmful quantities of any one mineral, say fluoride. This may prove equally bad for you.


    Let’s list some benefits of water filtered from Shane Water Filter and RO Home Water Filtration System.

    • Pure water is safe and healthy as RO system has filtered all contaminants out of the system.
    • Pure water is good for your skin and hair
    • Hard water is usually bad for plumbing systems. RO water filtration system fits in such a way that the water flowing down through your pipes into the kitchen does not damage plumbing. RO system makes the water soft.
    • A cancer patient usually goes through chemo-therapy, which makes the immune system weak. RO system purifies the water by removing minerals and thus makes it safe for cancer patient who receive chemo therapy and have to avoid excess minerals.