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  • 1-800-Database: identifying prank calls are possible

    Nowadays, people were just fooling around and phone scams are still the major problems that the society encounters. Increasing fake calls is too alarming and sometimes people victimized most of their bait. The reason why they become more successful is because they use service or toll-free numbers to their victims, making their prank more convincing.

    If you got victimized by these pranks means you learned. While some people learn thru experience, some people are scam proof and they see through these prank calls right away and some learn it thru the mistakes of others. Regardless if your one of those people or not because you never got a prank call before this site is for you:

    Information: Regardless if you’re one of the people mentioned above or not, 1-800-database will give you information about scam calls. Simply input the questioned number in the search bar from the top left corner and search. If the number is present in the database, all the information from that number will show including the reports from random people that received such calls.

    Learn: Learn from others that reported their experience with these prank calls. You will know the behaviour, the type of conversations and how these calls even evolved and sometimes escalated. If you are a victim, it’s highly advised that you report it specifically as it happened in order for other people to get more information out of it.

    Dissemination: There is strength in numbers and this website will prove that. But it still needs more inputs and people adding data to the data base. It needs your help to become the preferred platform for prank call reports. The more that you spread the news the more that more victims can come out knowing that there is a platform where they can help other people just by sharing their experience.

    Prank calls are not just for people that want’s to have fun, there are some serious pranks that steal people’s money and even endanger people’s lives. What you need to do is be vigilant at all times, if you feel that your life is threatened, don’t hesitate to call the authorities. If there are prank calls that ask for your financial information and even sensitive personal information, don’t share them and report the number to the authorities. Share your experience on the site to help other people from being victimized and for other victims to come out and share their experience.