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  • Replace paper forms with cloud software on tablets and smartphones

    Using paper forms today to manage the workflow management systems has become a thing of the past. With the cut throat competition paper managed systems are increasingly being replaced by automated systems. These not only reduce the cost and time to a great extent but are great performance booster for the employees as well because they increase productivity. The document management systems either can be put in house or one can also have it hosted on the cloud. There are many online companies like the Forms on Fire who provide customized solutions for mobiles and tablets using the cloud based software.

    Both the in-house and cloud based software have their own advantages and disadvantages but the cloud based ones have gained prominence off late. In the self hosted systems the software is stored inside the company’s own server and allows you to store files as many as your server allows. The only advantage is that you are in control of your system and do not have to rely on any one else to keep it going. But on the down side the self hosted systems involve huge set up costs which cargo up to a few thousand dollars. Not only this but they also come with yearly software upgrade costs a well.

    In contrast companies like Forms on Fire cloud hosted systems make the task much easier with in a normal budget. The software is hosted by the service provider and can be accessed online form anywhere if you have the access. Cost of putting up the software is also minimal and depends on the number of features that you choose. Upgrades and maintenance are all done by the vendor himself. Another important advantage that these systems have is the files get saved automatically and you need not worry about taking backups. The only downside of the system is that you have to rely on other to maintain and keep the system running. But with the advantages that it gives this is a very small price to pay for.

    The users also benefit through these systems to a great extent as the forms become more easily accessible. Getting rid of the hard copies helps the employees collaborate better with others in accomplishing tasks. It saves space and gives added security to the data by facilitating easy disaster recovery as well. Therefore it is about time that the companies big or small should switch to cloud based systems to survive in the competitive markets.