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  • The procedure and qualifications for being an egg donor

    When a woman’s ovary is not able to function normally and produce eggs, she needs the services of an egg donor to conceive. Anybody can opt to donate eggs provided she satisfies some basic qualifications. Donating eggs is as a noble act as any other donation. If you wish to be an egg donor, just apply for the California Egg donor Program.

    The procedure for egg donation

    First you approach an agency that deals in egg donation and then apply to be a donor. They will meet with you, and discuss about your lifestyle and medical history. They will also ensure that you are healthy. Once all their procedures are done so as to ensure that you tick right in all the list of qualifications necessary, you will be enlisted as a donor.  You can even speak to the persons at the program for any doubts or more details. Once you are selected, you will be given a compensation for your services. You may be paid $8000 or more as per the requirement. But more than that, you receive gratitude and well wishes from the recipient for giving them the biggest joy of their life.

    The eligibility criteria to be an egg donor

    First and foremost, the person should have a kind heart and a sense of service. After all, she is giving someone the joy of being a mother. The person should have regular menstrual cycle and need to have healthy ovaries. There is a strict age limit for being an egg donor as eggs produced in this age are of high quality. So, the donor has to be 20 to 30 years old. She should also not be overweight and should ideally weight less than 160 pounds. She should also be a non smoker and not taking drugs. Even alcohol consumption has to be minimum or nil. Another condition that is a must is that the donor should not have any inherited genetic disorders.

    Those who wish to be egg donors at the California Egg donor Program should not be taking any contraceptives at the moment or during the cycle. Apart from being physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy, the person should be reliable and be present for all the appointments or be at the clinic or hospital as per the doctor’s requirement.  Also, it is necessary for the donor to take hormone injections during the course. The person should be ready for it and also any medicines that doctors would prescribe.