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    E-mails or electronic mails are still the most cost-effective tool for marketing. Even the word electronic is replaced with digital nowadays but the reach of emails have not one bit less now.  The e-revolution of the 1970s is still in effect in communication and marketing.  The doctors’ database with 350 thousand mail addresses is the gift to medical and health-related businesses. Time is money.  Doctors are too busy to attend calls and spend much time on the phone.  This is where the doctor email list to make business easy come in to play.  A study in US has confirmed that 90 %  Americans check their email.  Now with alerts in android phones, any important and relevant mail could be checked by doctors immediately.

    US Doctors email list

    • Evolution of communication :

           From the ancient time of pigeons to modern day Android phones the communication evolution enabled by science and technology has gone it to great heights and could be more in future.

    • Email evolution :

         Starting in 1960’s it was possible only when both the sender and recipient are online. The e-revolution of 1970’s  brought a lot of development. And from the change of Arpanet to the internet there is nothing stopping the email.

    • Advantages of email:

       Logistics were redefined with the email with its far and fast reach.  Phone calls or other kinds of communications need time from both ends.  In this fast-moving world that could create more issues.  Especially with doctors prefer their own time.  Emails allow asynchrony and give doctors their own time to read the mail in detail, which is more important for business developments.  With the bulk email facility, all the 350 thousands email of doctors could be sent with a click.  This is what makes the medical and health sector business fraternities to buy the database at a meager cost of fewer than 400 dollars.

    • MIME :

          The multipurpose internet mail extension allows multimedia content attachments to be sent immediately to doctors.  Any development in technology could be sent as attachments which could convince doctors of types of equipment and products to make and quality and composition for recommendations.

    • E-mail alerts :

         E-mail alerts play an important role in checking the email.  Human beings are curious creatures.  The alert could make them check their emails.  If the email is really of good content and with proper information which they need, there is 100 % possibility of them responding back.  This is what the business conglomerates need and their marketing researchers can use the doctors’ database as a magical lamp to create wonders in their marketing strategy.

        Bottom line is US Doctors email list to make business easy come could create more billionaires in medical and health sector across the US.