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  • The working process of the ink jet printers

    Inkjet printers are quite common for use both at homes and businesses. The reason behind its popularity is its low cost and superior quality. Moreover, they are user-friendly and work reasonably fast. They work by pushing small drops of liquid ink in the paper.Moreover, they work in the non-contact form that enables them to print on rough and uneven surfaces. Two major types of inkjet printing technology are available such as continuous printing and drop-on-demand printing. Both the forms use ink cartridges.Continuous printing is the common type, which uses standard cartridges.

    A high-pressure pumping system is used to make a continuous flow of ink droplets drawn from the supply of liquid ink thereby making it pass through a small nozzle into the paper. Drop-on-Demand printing is divided into thermal and piezo. Thermal or bubble printing uses cartridges that contain many chambers full of ink and heating elements. The heating elements generate explosion inside the chambers that thrust ink into paper. Piezo printing can print on different kinds of surfaces. Ink jet printer labels are noiseless and provide the finest quality print, picture and text.

    Good qualities

    There is no need to give them warm up time too. One of the major advantages is the high speed of the printing. The printers are reliable and can be used to mark on any material and at any speed alongwith multiple features like shape, size and texture. Compared to the other models they run for several hours servicing at a low-cost. They are cost effective and reliable. A wide range of ink colors with low evaporation is available. These allow fast drying making them ideal for fast moving production houses.

    Difference between the two

    Laser printers use heat and pressure and a dry toner to print on the surface. The materials are selected based on their ability to withstand a high temperature that gives a smooth surface. These labels have moisture to prevent the paper from drying and cracking in the course of printing. Inkjet printers deposit the ink into the printing surface material and the ink gets absorbed by the printing material. These are made up of materials having a porous surface that absorb the ink and dry them more effectively. Nowadays, both the versions of printers produce high quality and high-resolution print. Some use ink jet printer labels version to produce high-resolution photographs and graphic designs while some prefer to use laser ones when waterproof printing is needed.