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  • Introducing, 2018’s BEST Bamboo Frame Glasses

    Have you ever had bamboo sunglasses before? Or any accessories that is made from indigenous materials? If not then it’s time to give this unique a try. People are buzzing about this new bamboo frame glasses all over the internet. Its different compared to the usual sunglasses style that we are used to but definitely provides the same eye protection.

                There are different creators and distributors of bamboo frame sunglasses. But which of these are the best among the choices? In this article, a list of the best brands will be featured together with their best bamboo frame glasses for us to be able to compare the differences.

    Polarized Wayfarer Bamboo Sunglasses

    Classic Wayfarer Bamboo Sunglasses by Tree Tribe

    This is one of the best choices when purchasing a bamboo sunglasses. It will not only benefit the buyer, but also the environment. For every purchase of Tree Tribe Bamboo Sunglasses, 10  trees will be planted in return. One of its best features is that, because it is lightweight, this will float in the water which is the best sunglasses for swimming and other sports activities. There are different colors to choose from namely green, black, pink, black on black, black on pink, blue indigo, ice blue and orange.

    Polarized Wayfarer Bamboo Sunglasses by Tree People

    One of the special features of this sunglasses from Tree People is its flexible and adjustable hinges. This is perfect if you are going to give this as a gift and you do not know the facial shape and size of the person who will receive this. Its lenses are polarized that can protect you from UV rays of the sun. it is made of very light bamboo making them float in the water. It comes in green and gold colors that you can choose from.

    Coronado Wayfarer Style Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses by Maka Wear

    This brand makes sunglasses that are made of highly sustainable bamboo which is very safe for the environment. No chemicals or pesticides used to grow the bamboo. These sunglasses have polarized lenses as well. What more can you ask for? It is environmentally friendly, fashionable and very affordable too. It comes in different colors like brown bamboo, Durwood, ebony, natural bamboo, red rosewood, and zebrawood.

    Have you decided yet? The aforementioned products are the best when it comes to customer’s product ratings. If you have noticed, these products are not only aiming to provide natural framed-sunglasses for fashion, but also for it to be safe for the environment. This is the advocate of most creators which is one additional reason why we have to help by patronizing their products.