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  • Bill Gates to Become the World’s Next Trillionaire

    In your times, you’re getting a chance to see the world’s first Trillionaire, and most likely the name would be if Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft.

    According to a research by Oxfam, it’s been recorded that an international network of certain organizations is working together to partially remove the global poverty.

    In some recent reports, it’s been found that the top eight billionaires from all over the world are having as much money as the 3.6 billion people among the poorest half of world’s population make.

    According to the report, it’s been recorded that, in the coming next 25 years, the world is going to have its first trillionaire. The name that sets the best according to the research is Bill Gates and he would be 86 at that time.

    All about the net worth of Bill Gates

    Gates left Microsoft in the year 2006 and at that time, the net worth was around $50 billion. In the year 2016, he had the highest celebrity net worth of $75 billion.

    Gates also works for charity through his own foundation and in addition to this; he’s one of the founders of some commitment. The commitment is called as “The Giving Pledge” made by the richest people of the world in which they’ll give away more than half of their worth in charity.

    In the current year 2017, as per the article published by Forbes, the estimated net worth of Gates is around $86 billion. The fortune of this celebrity has risen to around 50 percent.

    One day worth of Bill Gates in 2017

    In 2017, based on the celebrity net worth, it’s been estimated that he makes around $240 million in a day.

    When he was in school, he promised to his teachers that one day, he would be a millionaire and his age was 30 by the time, when he turned 31, he was a millionaire. According to an expert of software, there’s no need to complete tough courses in computers, all you need to have is the basic understanding of mathematics and science.

    Final thoughts

    Bill Gates said that he has three children and they’re not going to receive his fortune. He wants them to create their own path so his children would get only some amount of money that would help them get the greatest education. If this billionaire will continue making such huge returns, you all are soon going to see the first trillionaire.