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  • Turn Your Normal TV Box into a Magic Box:

    Kodi is the new technology; Kodi is completely a media all-rounder. Kodi is the new name of the Media Center project XBMC. Originally developed for the first Xbox of Microsoft, the open source program has now become an absolute all-rounder.

    So Kodi plays almost all popular video codecs (even the current h.265 codec for 4K recordings is already partly supported!), It also offers excellent database functions, which allow you to scan your digital film and serial collection particularly easily. But that’s not all: The Kodi developer community is constantly working on new plug-ins and other enhancements for the media center. In addition to locally stored media, you also get content from the network on your TV.

    From the factory, Kodi add-ons for the public-law media centers, the video portal YouTube, Dailymotion or MyVideo as well as plug-ins for special online offers such as RTL Now or the news videos from Spiegel Online are available. In short, Kodi box can be a perfect media all-rounder with little work, which bundles your complete entertainment program under a uniform interface. The highlight for Fire TV owners:

    In addition to versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, there has been an Android version of Kodi for a long time, which is in no way inferior to their desktop counterparts together! With 2 gigabytes of memory and a fast Snapdragon S800 CPU, the set-top box provides enough computing power to decode almost all current HD video formats. A huge plus is the excellent remote control comes with box, which makes the operation of Kodi on the Fire TV pleasantly comfortable. For Kodi’s initial setup, however, we recommend connecting a USB keyboard to the Fire TV as this will help you enter paths and other settings. With the keyword USB, we are already with the great vermouth drops of this solution.

    This means that you cannot simply connect a hard drive to the Kodi box and play media from it. In the meantime, this functionality could be restored by rooting, but the current firmware of the box is not to crack with the current root methods according to the current state. You must store the media on shared network storage and then stream it to the Fire TV via WLAN or cable. the tool understands most network protocols so that at a sufficiently fast (W) LAN Even full HD videos with 5.1 channel sound can be played smoothly on the Fire TV.