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  • Start the game with an advantage

    League of Legends or LoL for short is one of the most popular MOBAs or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games that can be played by people of all ages and skill levels from all around the world. You get to team up with your friends or even different players and go head to head in a team versus team battle.

    These games are usually ranked which means it determines whether your rank goes up or down depending on your performance and the outcome of the game. Losses mean that your rank will go down and winnings mean that your rank will rise. It is often found even by experienced players that when your rank goes down quite significantly, it can be hard to get it back up again, which is why most seasoned players who get into this sort of situation tend to buy lol smurf accounts to make up for the low ranking.

    Why buy?

     Since buying smurf accounts give you the option to choose an account that’s already levelled up and ranked with a lot of champions to choose from, it would make sense if you’re already a seasoned player who wants to have a fresh start in terms of ranking.  Get straight to maintaining and increasing your rank without needing to spend countless hours and sleepless nights grinding away to get to the level of your previous account.

    Start right away

     Of course experience in this game is the key to winning, while this might be true, you might want to start off strong and enter the game with an already levelled up account with a lot of champions at your disposal. You can always buy a smurf account if you want to skip all the grinding and levelling up and go straight into the action if you want to, although a bit of knowledge on strategies and gameplay won’t hurt.

    No grinding

     One of the main advantages that buying a smurf account will give you is that you don’t have to waste precious time on grinding your account to get it to a high enough level. While this might be true, it helps only if you’re already an experienced player that wants to have another account to have sort of a fresh start at the game.

    All in all, buying a smurf account can give you the upper hand against opponents especially during ranked battles, provided that you are well equipped with the experience and smarts to play the game, otherwise your rank will just go down if you continue on a losing streak.