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  • Reasons to Invest Money in a Retail Shop in The Peak Cambodia

    Though it has been considered as the era of ecommerce, traditional retail stores are still unbeatable. People still like to visit the local stores and check all the goods that they need. Actually, checking goods physically helps them to judge the quality of the goods. It gives better feel of the products. Buyers can buy things with more confidence when they test the products before purchasing them. In Cambodia, retail industry is booming. Along with growth of commercial real estate industry, retail business owners are getting opportunity to find stores or shops for their businesses easily. The Peak Cambodia is now the upcoming sensation for the retail industry of Cambodia.

    This shopping centre has emerged as a unique as well as outstanding place for the retail business owners who are seeking suitable shops to be rented. Furnished with modernized facilities and amenities, it assures excellent opportunity to the retail businesses to find growth in their businesses. Here are some reasons to rent a store at this place.

    shopping centre

    1. Profitability Is Guaranteed

    The shopping mall has been designed to provide the highest profitability to the retail store owners. It features a nice location. Having seamless accessibility makes this shopping centre easy to draw massive crowd. Magnetizing good number of visitors will enhance the chance for selling for the retail store owners. It assures 55% return of the rental amount over a period of 10 years. This is minimum estimated return. Businesses can obvious maximize it with better products as well as services to customers.

    1. Advanced Facilities for the Retail Owners

    The place is poised with advanced facilities for the business owners. Stores are designed properly, featuring enough space to showcase the products to the visitors. Glass doors and windows are there to give glimpse of the products inside the stores. The Peak Cambodia also ensures top notch security for the retail businesses. Modernized security equipments are there to provide the best security to the business owners and their goods.

    1. Flexible Renting Agreement

    Simple and convenient rental agreement terms are offered at The Peak. It helps small and medium scale businesses particularly.