Shopify Shipping Connection Becomes Easy with Stork Up

When it comes to Shopify shipping, it generally works along DHL, UPS, and USPS in Canada and United States Post in Canada. Also, provide multiple mail classes along with each carrier, so one can access features such as package pick-ups, overnight delivery, international shipping, tracking information, and more depending on the mail and carrier-class to be chosen. Such kinds of services are also offered by Stork Up. Also, they have worked directly along with carriers for competitive rates negotiation for each shipping service and such rates are included automatically on every plan at failing extra cost.

It’s working

⦁ There is an own section in the main admin panel of Shopify shipping. From there one can manage all the customer orders that are required to be shipped chiefly in an organized and centralized way.
⦁ Also, one can see distinctive carrier calculated options generally based on the destination. It can directly print labels from the shipping admin.

Stork Up


⦁ While a person can store the product’s weight on the dashboard but failed to store the dimensions of the product.
⦁ At checkout, one can easily show duty & tax, but there is a need for the calculation of the rate manually on their own.


It can be concluded that shopify shipping connection hk is mainly focused on making it faster and easier for order fulfillment. One can buy directly the shipping labels in Shopify, at a time can print multiple labels and quickly get orders out the door.