Secret Types Of Modern Aluminum Pergolas

Modern aluminum pergolas are one of the most popular types of pergolas because of their ability to add shade and style to any garden. They are also highly durable and come in many different styles for various needs.

What Are Modern Aluminum Pergolas?

Pergolas have been used as a source of shading in gardens for centuries. The word comes from medieval Italian words such as ‘pargoletta’ meaning a small canopy that was kept under the eaves of a house or ‘pergoletta’ meaning an open arcade with shops underneath.

A pergola is therefore an overhead structure that features columns or posts with a trellis above and keeps rainwater off of the vegetables or flowers planted. They are usually built above a walkway or paved area allowing one to walk under them and it is not uncommon for them to feature plants growing up the sides like vines, mosses or cacti.

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Along with being used as a means of shading, pergolas can also be used as a way of decoration. These structures can also add privacy to your backyard. There are many different styles of pergolas today that can be found in many different colors and shapes. They are also easy to install and can be constructed in many different ways.

There are three main types of modern aluminum pergolas:

  1. A-Frame Style Pergolas: This style is most common for wood pergolas but is also used for modern aluminum pergolas as well. In this style, the posts meet at a central post near the top to form an ‘A’ shape. The top beam is then attached to these posts by using brackets that clamp it in place.
  1. Trellis Style Pergolas: This style is also common for wood pergolas because of its ability to be mounted on posts that already exist in your garden. It features a top beam of trellis laid flat against the posts with the cross bars or joists connecting it all together. You will have to follow your local zoning laws on this type of structure because often they are not allowed in certain areas when they might be considered a fence and can block pets, small children and/or swimming pools.