Wall panels are pieces of materials that are mostly flat in nature, which are cut in a rectangular shape. It is gaining ground in our present years. It has been adopted by many and it serves as wall covering. Many things such as tiles, and others have been used as wall covering but not all are of quality and durable. Shower tiling is the old-fashioned option used for wall covering purposes. Presently, there are new and better methods that can serve the same function as the tile. The newest and better shower wall panels are the PVC panels or fiberglass. This modernized shower wall panel have many advantages over the tiles and other traditional wall covering like the wood, concrete and clay. The advancement of new shower wall panels have improved the home and have proffer economical solutions to the limitations of tiling the wall of bathroom in addition to the other old traditional wall coverings. They can change the look of the bathroom. There is no more need to break the tiles having damaged joints during the renovation of the bathroom walls as you can cover it with the shower wall panel. Also, the shower and bath of your building will be protected with a waterproof cover.

PVC panels for bathrooms


  • Affordable price: It is a cheaper alternative for the shower tiling.
  • Installation: The installation of the shower wall panels is done without stress and any form of difficulties unlike when tiles are placed. No special tools and experience is needed while installing it.
  • Maintenance: It is easy maintaining shower wall panels than traditional and tile wall panels. With its waterproof nature, maintaining of shower wall panel is done with ease. You can maintain it to be brand new daily by using warm water and a washing up liquid. It is also take minimum time to clean than traditional building materials like tiles, wood or bricks.
  •  PVC shower wall panels are resistant to moisture, fire, stains, and scratches. Thus there is a safety caution using it for the bathroom.
  • Shower wall panels comes in different range of styles for choice selection.