Real ways to Increase engagement on your Instagram

People all around the world use Instagram for different purposes. Some to promote their art, some to get feedback and improve them selves, some to get more exposure, some to promote their brands and expand their market. Whatever you are intended to achieve, it can be done only when you get the required engagement. The more engagement you have on your account the more followers you get and in turn will help to reach your aspirations.

Picture says it all.

The photos you post in your account is what defines you in this social media. Always keep your photos attractive and relatable.Create your unique style so that people can identify your posts just by seeing them. Nothing pays off like authenticity. It doesn’t matter if you post pics of food , fashion or travel but first identify your target and then post pics accordingly. Choose the photos that can appeal to more people. And always accompany the picture with the most engaging description. If your picture brings you followers then your description is what will keep them loyal. This description is the communication between you and your followers so always write to please them. Keep to open to discussion that way you can get more comments.

Give and take

The easy and important way to get more engagement on Instagram account is by liking and commenting other accounts. First identify the accounts that has same targeted followers as yours. Start following them and leave genuine comments on their posts. Keep your comments entertaining and interesting so that when people read your comments they will be intrigued to check your account. Your comments should represent your personality .You may add some smiley stickers to make it more fun. So the more you engage yourself in other accounts the more engagement your own account gets. In short the more you give the more you get.

Hashtag it

Hashtag is a way telling the story behind your pic with just a single word . The word you chooses to hashtag your photo is important in getting more engagement. Always keep it interesting ,eye grabbing , edgy . People usually Search photo by using hashtags so by adding more hashtags to your picture you are multiplying the chances to your pic for popping up while searching . But don’t go over broad.. #follow, #follow me are some most commonly used hashtags when you ask people directly to follow you . But you can keep them subtle by choosing interesting hashtags that people tend to search the most. You can also check the trending hashtags and then make relevant posts to join the hype and get noticed.