Online bathroom design: a test to understand its advantages

Have no doubts in making this statement: most of the bathrooms in our houses, especially if they belong to the real estate dating back to the 60s and 70s, have the odious band conformation. To put it another way, they are made like this: long and narrow, often with a window on the short wall opposite the one where the access door is located handyman services in Chicago.

During my brilliant career as an architect I have dealt with many bathrooms of this type and the most frequent requests made by my clients were these:

How do I make my bathroom look bigger?

How can I make the most of the back wall?

Is it possible to insert a small laundry corner?

And so, bathroom after bathroom, I developed a sort of abacus of solutions to be adapted, from time to time, to the single case of long narrow bathroom that happened to me under the pencil.

Among other things, one of my posts dedicated to the age-old problem of yes or no to the window in the shower is among the most read ever and this can only confirm what I wrote a few lines above. In short, a long and narrow bathroom, sooner or later, happens in our lives and we must be ready to face it with the best planning and design tools available on the market.

Today, to solve this typical situation, I use an atypical tool: the online bathroom design service (coordinated by a very useful search engine for bathroom fixtures and accessories) recently made available to all web users, the portal dedicated to the world of the bathroom at three hundred and sixty degrees.

Before proceeding, I’ll show you the floor plan of the apartment I’m working on. I have no possibility, given the specific requests of my client, to rethink the internal distribution of the partitions and accesses (don’t twist your mouth! I know that there would be many things to fix!).