N95 Mask Become The Unknown Normal

How long does it take to change the whole world? Not to mention any weapons, a war, or disaster would be quick. But the world witnessed the massive unexpected twist to change the time and tide in the blink of seconds. The year 2020, shadowed beneath the darkness of the SARS CORONA virus, was no less than a bio war erasing countless innocent humans and ceasing endless merry tasks. Even after a year of seamless struggle and fight to save humanity, the virus still lurches amidst us, reluctant to leave. With no chance of complete desertion, we have slowly crawled towards the new normal. No domain or face on the earth left untouched by this vicious poison; the new methods to keep up the old customs shaped the new time. But with N95 mask, it has become easy to combat this deadly virus.

The Changed World

They are not new to the market, for masks were common in the medical industry, and sanitisers were, of course, a luxury. But their role of the only shields to protect us spiked their sales overnight. Forget the pharmacies; they have now become an essential purchase even on the streets!

But no corona could stop the branding and marketing. Though several businesses and markets shut down, the mask market found its branches spreading way more than in the past. People could be seen masked in matching and designed masks to keep up the trend.

The availability of the types was endless, depending on the material and layers. Thin layered surgical masks, cloth masks or the high protective N95 mask with respiratory filters have evolved worldwide.

Retail Of Masks

Given the masks’ importance to prevent the surrounding particles enter our body, the mask manufactures have taken a step-in developing materials and designs to suit every need and man.

  • Home and cottage retailers took up to stitching cloth masks with old cloths or even t-shirts! Several DIY videos or cheap cloth masks were a sea of colours.
  • Hospitals and workers opt for higher protection or disposable ones as their requirement demands frequency. Surgical masks with thin layering for single-use became common among the medics.
  • High protective masks with respiratory filters were primarily made of sturdy material to prevent any small particle possible. They ranked highest in the preventive score but were equally costly. Their sales restricted to essential frontline workers and doctors.

Common people developed their models for masks. Bandana, scarfs, gaiters are serving as excellent replacements.

Masks are no longer privy to hospitals and affected. They have become inseparable clothing in our daily lives. We don’t have the choice but to wear one, but we can certainly choose the type.