Know how to pick a good coccyx seat cushion?

The tailbone or the Coccyx is animportant part of the human body and it forms part of this pivotal triangular structure that has required for us to sit correctly. In plenty of instances, it happens that the tailbone is fractured or dislocated due to the fall. In several other cases, the tailbone could be deformed or not correctly formed by childbirth itself.

In all these cases mentioned above generally there is either surgery done to correct the deformity or in plenty of cases the important thing to do is prevention. Pressure is exerted on the coccyx when you are sitting on a seat. This strain will be borne by the tailbone when it meets the seat cushion.

The primary aim then is to prevent the pain is to prevent the direct contact of the tailbone with the chair cushion. This can be accomplished with a special cushion that you ought to have the ability to get from any store offline or even online. There are many types of coccyx cushion, which are available, and one of then the key ones are the donut seat cushion or the ring cushion as well as the upholstered seat cushion.

seat cushion

The donut seat cushion will have the cut out portion in the center of the cushion and this sort of cushion is not regarded as very good as the pressure remains on the bone when you sit. The best is that the cushion which sort of a ring with a little cut out at part at which the coccyx will be there. This way the cushion will offer the essential elevation, which can help you prevent the coccyx touching the seat surface.

The cushion can be gel Stuffed or the foam filled. Nowadays the tendency is to pick the gel filled cushion. Another significant sort of cushion is the inflatable cushion. The benefit as its name implies is that you can quite easily be certain that the tailbone cushion is full of air as and when it is needed. The advantage is that you can carry this quite easily where ever you go and no one will even notice.