Keep it Fabulash!!

Have you ever thought about the most beautiful part of our eyes? Yes, the eyelashes. They are the indispensable aspect that makes our eyes more attractive. Lustrous lashes makes eyes look extremely gorgeous. It is said that lashes are the curtains that protect our eyes. Thick, curly eyelashes are always dream of women to look beautiful because it makes the eyes look clear, bright and vibrant. But unfortunately it often end up damaged and dull for many of them. The main reason behind it is that the very protective layer of our eyes, the lashes, are often ignored. So it is high Time to start caring the lashes to have a thicker and longer one for now and for future.

Care tips

  1. Take the makeup off: To get dark, thick and long lashes, we often relay on mascaras as it defines the lashes. But do we remove it properly? Just like our hair, lashes can also get dry and fall out if it is not properly cared. So make sure to clean makeup gently every time you wear them.
  2. Moisturising: Moisturising lashes with oils like olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil and good brand petroleum jelly is a good way to keep it in good condition and make it grow faster.
  3. Never wax near eyelash area: plucking or waxing so close to it is big no as it can damage the lashes too.
  4. No rubbing;Rubbing could also cause damage to the lash area. Always be gentle when it comes to eye area as it is the most sensitive part.
  5. Food for lashes: Just Like hair, for keeping lashes healthy, eat food rich in vitaminE, vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin H.
  6. Never share eye makeup: To avoid eye infection and contamination, it is advised not to share any eye makeup and brushes used with anyone.
  7. Select makeup wisely: Always opt for best brand when it comes to eyes and lashes. Choose mascara that contain vitamins and minerals for healthy lashes.
  8. Be careful with false lashes: Incorrect application and removal of false lashes may cause shedding of the lashes. So always be careful and use good quality extensions.

Healthy and strong lashes gives confidence and make women more pretty. So it is very important to take care of the most elegant part of our eyes. Don’t hesitate to visit an ophthalmologist in case of any eye or lash allergy, disease like psoriasis, inflammation, or flaking of eyelids. Moisturising and caring well makes all the difference, so make time for it.