How to Take Care of Your Piano

A piano is like any other equipment or furniture in a home that usually requires care and the right way to clean. There are a few things to remember when trying to clean the piano. So, if you want your piano to last a long time, then you need to know how to properly take care of it and make sure that it can maintain its good condition. This article will give you some very important tips:

Key cleaning

It is very important to always remember: its piano keys are made of ivory with natural oils, so I would recommend never using bleach, alcohol or any other cleaning product that is sold on the market because it will dry your keys. Instead, you can ask your dealer or any piano specialist to find out about the special piano-only solution. If you have this special piano solution, use a damp cloth and gently clean the piano keys. You must be very careful when making sure that only the top of the piano keys is moistened, not the side.

Cabinet cleaning

The piano cabinet is the physical body of the piano, and in most cases it is made of different types of wood, finishes and grains. Like any other wooden furniture, it is very important that we take care of the piano case. More often, piano experts say that simply removing dirt and dust on the surface of the piano with a soft, dry cloth will suffice, but there are also products specifically designed for your Donate piano nyc.

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Deck cleaning

They say that this part of the piano is the hardest to clean. In this part of the piano, a large number of small particles, such as debris and dust, get stuck. In most cases, you can also find many other small elements on decks, such as buttons and clips. You must be very gentle when cleaning the deck, because you can damage the strings inside. Thus, the best way to clean this part of the piano is to use a vacuum cleaner so that you can vacuum any unwanted objects from the deck. However, there are cases when some objects are securely placed on the sides of the deck, so you must delete them manually.

Tuning your piano

We never want our piano to fail, so I would recommend that you tune your piano at least twice a year. Seeking help from a professional piano tuner would be the best way to do this. This way you will be sure that your piano is taken care of properly.