How to make the most of your trip to Liverpool

A walking tour of Liverpool is a great way to navigate the city like no other. Everything is really within walking distance.

Take a walk with a qualified guide to learn about the internal history of local attractions. It is no exaggeration that everyone from the Beatles fans to archaeologists will have fun! If you have a diverse group of people with different interests, look for a local guide that is suitable for your day. The surefire way to make sure everyone is happy.

Tonight in LiverpoolStarting at the world-class promenade, you can see The Three Graces, a complex of buildings that give Liverpool its iconic appearance. Within walking distance, visit the headquarters of the owner of the Titanic, in his shadow is a unique museum, completely dedicated to the city in which it is located. It borders the first buildings in the country to be built without the use of wood.

The bombing in May 1941 could destroy some parts of the city, but wander around the city center. With over 2,500 cataloged buildings preserved, it will certainly go through incredible architecture. Look up to see the impact of trade with countries around the world. The buildings are decorated with mythical birds, metal domes and statues of Neptune. On the site of the first US embassy in a foreign land, they pose for a selfie with a golden eagle.

Before your visit, we recommend that you find the local Blue Badge guidebook as well as visit Tonight in Liverpool, which can give you an intimate overview of city monuments. Or your experience may be based on marine heritage, the Beatles, football, or even food and drink.

Movie lovers can also be satisfied

With its New York-style buildings, many blockbusters were filmed on the streets of Liverpool. Captain America, Harry Potter and the Peaks Blinders used Liverpool as a backdrop. Film crews are constantly appearing, so you are in luck and you will see some famous actors in action.