Here’s How You Can Be Lean and Fit Like a Soldier

When you put yourself through a rigorous military training workout, you’re not only conditioning your body for strength and endurance, you’re also disciplining your mind. This type of training will push you to your limits and even beyond but that’s exactly the best thing about it. It’s all about being fit in all the right aspects, not just losing weight. It’s not about getting all the muscles from your regular workout but about what you can actually do with it.

Why Relative Strength is Important

The individual weight of a person is the basis of relative strength. In military training workouts, this particular strength is actually more important than muscular or maximal strength. It’s not about getting all those muscles but it’s about being able to run, sprint, jump, and move around when you need to. Everyone can benefit from this workouts no matter what your goal may be. With regular training, you can have the lean body that you always wished for and even more.

Relative Strength Testing

 An active warm-up is the best way to start a relative strength test. You can do this with exercises that include hang cleans, deadlifts, rows, and overhead presses, among others. Go with four rounds and at least 10 reps for each activity. The classic barbell exercises may also be incorporated to test your balance and endurance. This includes bench press, front squat, and power clean. The barbell test actually lets you test and beat gravity by coordinating your muscle groups all at once.

Pull Up Test

This particular exercise should be done in a separate manner to determine which of the grips are best for you and works for you. There is actually no time limit with this particular exercise. However, your hands should stay on the bar until you complete the set. You are not allowed to use your feet or step on the ground. If you stay on the bar and never let go, these reps will be counted on your set.

When it comes to military workout training, it’s all about endurance and strength. If your fitness goal is to be fit and disciplined both in body and mind, then this is the best training for you. It will push you beyond your boundaries but that’s the real essence of this fitness workout. You won’t just lose weight. You’ll come out not only lean but strong and resilient.

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