Confused while buying indoor or outdoor car cover? Here are some tips for you

The points that you need to consider while choosing a cover for your vehicle are- climatic conditions in your area, the place where you plan to park your vehicle, the number of times that you use your vehicle on a daily basis, and the car’s overall look.

Lightweight or heavy ones?

Opting for light-weight car cover can be appropriate for outdoor use. You can easily put or remove the same within minutes on a daily basis and keep it inside the car. Light-weight does not mean compromise on quality. There are several options made from lightweight materials for this purpose and they offer the same level of security that covers made with thick fabric can offer.

However, if you are looking for material that can offer protection against ding and dent, the only option that you have is going for a heavy outdoor cover. Such specially designed covers are made from thick material and are appropriate for vehicles that need to be parked in areas that face pedestrian traffic as well notorious kids who play around. You would require more time and strength to remove and get them on your car, but these are necessary to get protection from body blows.

Experts also recommend such material to people who wish to use the cover to keep their classic car safe inside indoor parking.

Car specific covers

Compared to universal-fit car covers, opting for the custom-fit option can prove to be better. There are several sellers who sell model specific covers that are designed to work best with the concerned vehicle. You won’t have to worry about antennas and mirror as they have grommet holes for antennas and sewn-in mirror pockets.

Elements like dust can easily slip into the poor fit universal covers as they are baggy. They can also damage the vehicle’s paint by rubbing against it.

Specially designed weather shield covers

If you live in an area that faces extreme weather conditions, you should consider buying covers that are made from sportswear fabric. Such covers offer high-performance, they are light weight as they are passed through encapsulation process.

Opt for the ones that consist of ultra-thin film and woven polyester fabric along with usual laminations and coatings.

Protective polymers ensure that tree sap, bird droppings, dust, and water do not reach the car’s surface, no matter how rough the climatic conditions become.