Choosing the right type of snow chains

Snow chains come in different sizes, types, materials, designs and also price ranges. There’s a huge variety available for drivers to ease the driving in harsh snowfall conditions.  The materials include, steel, rubber and also fabric in some varieties that are to be chosen to suit the conditions and the vehicles.  The shapes are also of various types. The sizes and material along with shapes have an impact on the flexibility; friction and strength of the chain, driver’s skill and the condition of the vehicle are to be kept in mind while choosing the tire chains for snow.

Choosing the right type of snow chains

History of snow chains

The history of the chains goes back to more than a hundred years old; they were invented by Harry D Weed of New York in the year 1904 to provide for better grip of the tires to the road while driving on the snowy conditions. He got this idea after seeing the driver use rope and vines to tie around the tires to drive smoothly in the snowy or muddy roads. In the olden times when the cars weren’t this popular many people used horse carriages to drive around and around that time the difficulty of driving in the snow clad roads wasn’t felt as the cars weren’t this widely used? Once the cars became more and more popular the problem became more clearly evident. It was realized that the normal tires don’t provide the feasibility to drive in the regular conditions. And hence the need for a traction device was felt. And also a device much more reliable than the ropes and vines was needed, which led to the invention of the snow chains. After the invention Harry D Weed sought a patent number for this product and the patent was bought by Auguste Trudeau of Canadian origin in the year 1935.

Tire chains for snow were introduced with the intention to improve the safety of the drivers, to save them from the hazardous accidents and injuries due to heavy snowfall and high skidding of vehicles. In order to be rightly used for the purpose for which they were initiated it is important the driving seed is kept low and the drivers don’t indulge in any rash driving in the already harsh conditions.

The chains are not suitable for high speed driving, they are meant for slow driving only. And one has to be extra careful during snowy weather conditions as the vehicle can go out of control very easily.