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  • How nutritious is Durian?

    Durian has several plant compounds that assist in the healing of cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders, and problems with blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This article gives you information on the nutrition facts and possible health benefits of this fruit. You can benefit from durians all from the comfort of your home, best durian delivery Singapore will deliver it right at your doorstep.

    What Is Durian?

    Durians are big. They are almost one foot in size. They have a hard and spiky exterior and flesh-like custard. They contain big seeds. Durians are available in several varieties. The most popular category is said to be Durio zibethinus.

    One durian weighs approximately 600 grams. They are a great source that provides energy. One hundred grams of durian has 147 Kcal. This is approximately around 7% of the RDA(recommended dietary allowance)

    Below is the nutritional data of this fruit.

    Nutrition Facts Of Durian Fruit

    The durian fruit has an impressive nutrition profile. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 100 g of durian consists of  (2):

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    Energy -147 kilocalories

    Carbohydrate -27.09 grams

    Protein- 1.47 grams

    Calcium-6 milligrams

    Fiber -3.8 grams

    Vitamin C -19.7 milligrams

    Potassium-436 milligrams

    Folate-36 milligrams

    Riboflavin-0.2 milligrams

    Durians contain vitamins A and B, plant compounds like carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, and anthocyanins, and niacin. Durians also contain vital minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus.


    Durians are delicious fruits with great nutritional value. They offer a broad spectrum of health advantages that range from treating anemia to promoting digestive health and treating anemia. There are almost no adverse effects which are scientifically proven. This fruit can be relished with your typical diet. Consulting your doctor and a dietitian is not a bad idea to know more about this fruit.

  • Buy The Most Beautiful Wedding Cake Singapore

    For many attendees at your wedding, the highlight of the party would be the cake. It is natural. You are happy, and you celebrate it. Let’s face it: many people come to a party just to eat all the good food, because, in the end, it is food that will make you happy. Keeping this in mind, you must better order a lavish cake for your wedding ceremony. A lavish cake does not necessarily have to be expensive if you must know. You can have a quite beautiful wedding cake Singapore even be paying a small amount. The quality of something does not relate directly to its price.

    The process of getting the perfect cake.

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    • You will first choose the size of the cake. Depending on the audience expected to turn up at your wedding, you will appropriate the size.
    • Next, you can choose a flavour of cake from classic (fudgy chocolate or vanilla) and premium flavours.
    • Next up, you will fill in the details of the party so that you can get the cake ready at the time. You will be required to fill the date, time, and the address of the venue if you are opting for delivery at home.
    • To maintain the cake as it is, you must hold the box upright during transportation. Keep it in the fridge if it is possible for you. And take it out at least 30 minutes before it is to be consumed. Now, nothing left; you may enjoy the cake and the party.

  • Make your function more delight with the help of dessert table setup

    The dessert table is an ideal choice for the occasions like birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette day parties, kid’s birthday party, wedding day celebration, baby shower, Anniversary celebration and other special events. There are number of private agents are offering the dessert table services at best manner where you can make use of their service to make your function a most memorable one. As per the events the dessert table setup Singapore service will be setting up the table for you just you need to place the order and they will be taking care of the design and setup of the dessert table as per your requirements.

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    Desert table package includes

    Next thing which you need to consider is dessert table packages which you need to make sure while placing the order with the dessert table set up service where this package is chosen based on the number of guests attending your event or function. The dessert table package includes hire materials (display items, serve ware, glassware, and tablecloth, props on hand, decorations and cake stands), Styling and art works printing and design for the dessert table. In which if you want you can also place the customized design artwork to be present on the dessert table such as like your kid’s photo, family pictures and other kinds of customized themes. Once if you provide these kind of details while placing the order the dessert table setup Singapore will be making your function or event a grand one by arranging everything and make you enjoy the event happily. 

  • What should new mothers eat?

    If you are in this page, then you would be definitely a new mom or mom to be. As a new mom, you may have some doubts like how to hold your baby, how to care your baby, what can you offer the baby, what should you eat and how much to consume. There is nothing unusual in this and those are quite common question s that may run on the minds of almost all. Among these queries, the first thing that you should consider is the concept of food.

    Eating is more important after a  child birth, as this will only speed up the recovery time and also offer good nutrients to you as well as your baby, as you will be breastfeeding in this period. Therefore, taking  in confinement meals is good to health of both you and your baby. When your mom is around, she can help you in making this type of food items and when she is not with you, then you do not need to worry about this aspect.


    This is because, there are numerous services around you, which can offer confinement food and it is good to take these foods which are rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, and other nutrients in needed amount. You can make use of them to improve your health as well as to boost your milk and there are sites that provide this kind of foods two times a day, thus you can give your baby healthy food even before the growth of its teeth.

  • Take care of your body after childbirth through confinement

    In order to enjoy the real beauty of mother hood, we have a practise called confinement after the child birth. Usually it is an act of confining both the mother and baby into a room in order to protect them from any future illness due to the exposure of negative environmental factors. In addition there is more restrictions for the food intake and the good news is that there are special confinement meals for the Singapore culture.

    confinement mealsThanks to the ancient culture which has its roots in the deep nature and this is still working because of its attachment towards nature. So you could enjoy the confinement period of your life because the body will be reversing the changes that had happened in the last nine months during your pregnancy.

    Ingrid nets of the confinement food

    Se same oil has great importance in the preparation of the confinement meals. Along with chicken, sesame oil is still considered to be the nutritious choice for a mother and her baby. You need to take care of your body health by the help of natural ingredients and ginger is one of the most sought after the sesame oil. Because ginger has manyanti microbial effects and the recent studies have proved that confinement food will drive out various infections present in the mother and baby. So it is considered as a preventive method to stop any health ailments affecting both the mother and her child. Liver and parts of pork needs to be cooked with proper boiling temperature in order to satisfy the nutritional needs of mother.

  • 5 Things to check in a Food Courier Service UK before making a deal

    Running a business in the food industry is as risky as rewarding it is. One the one hand, if you make exceptional and rare food products, people from all over the place come to you to taste your authenticate food. The problem arises when there are home delivery orders from miles away. To solve this issue alone, there are companies offering Food Courier Service UK to transport your food products to your destination and make both you and your customers happy. We shall see what all to look for in a Food Courier service provider before making a deal with them.

    food courier service UK#1 Refrigeration facilities

    Most perishable products need refrigeration facilities if the delivery location is too far and take hours or even days together to reach. So, check with your service provider if they provide these facilities and the rules that apply to such deliveries.

    #2 Service Boundaries

    Before even approaching them with your order, make sure you read through or know their service limits. While some companies offer international delivering, many might be restricted to a single city or even a small part of a city.

    #3 Tracking System

    Many food courier service UK companies these days offer live tracking of your parcel and also leave a delivery completion message confirming that the delivery is completed. You will also get to know if the delivery has not been received. Inquire your service provider if they provide this feature.

    #4 Rates

    Before making a deal, make a detailed study of the charges and the criteria for rates. Also, go through the services and rate cards of other similar companies, compare them and make a deal with the company which convinces you of the best value for your money and trust. This will help get optimal services for money – both for you and your clients.

    #5 Refund Policy

    In case the service provider fails to carry out the delivery and there is some damage or loss on the way, be clear about their service and refund policy and go ahead only if you are satisfied with it.

    So, these were the 5 things to check before making a deal with a food courier service uk. Find the best food courier services and make the best out of the deal. All the Best!!

  • Get some mouth watering Vegan soup recipes here

    Being vegan is not a new fad. Having being around for quite some time, it has been gaining an increasing number of followers owing to its health benefits. Though earlier vegan people had a selected number of dishes they could try, chefs are coming up with newer vegan recipes to cater to the taste buds of growing number of vegan people. So from vegan soup recipes, to vegan desserts, vegan starters and many more; there is a huge choice for those planning to go vegan or already practicing this form of eating.

    People following vegan diets need not visit fancy restaurants whenever they want to try out new vegan recipes. There a number of cookbooks that has some of the most delicious and exotic vegan dishes that could be tried in your kitchen. A few websites too have dedicated themselves to this form of eating and have only vegan recipes that could be tried at home. These leading websites have vegan editors who leave no stone unturned to curate down some of the most delicious vegan dishes.

    They scour through various cookbooks and the internet, select potential recipes and then cook it first. If the recipe passes their stringent taste test, it is uploaded for their visitors and the author is given due credit for it. In fact, they also give the link to the website where the recipe was originally featured. They also have a “Submit Recipe” section where visitors can submit their own personal favorite vegan recipe. If the recipe meets the taste standards of the editors, then voila! Your recipe too will feature on the website along with your name.

    Visitors to these websites can be assured of getting vegan recipes – from vegan soup recipes to vegan desserts and main courses and many others – from across the world. Recipes for vegan Dishes like turmeric coconut rice from East Asia to Italian black bean lasagna and even chocolate mud pie cake; there are detailed recipes for dishes from various parts of the world. The leading websites also have a dedicated blog where readers can get information on various things related to being vegan.

    So worry not if you have to plan on a complete 3 course meal. You can choose from an assortment of recipes on these websites and impress yourself or your vegan guests. Just visit tem once and try out the recipes!