BMW wheels with style

About the car

All of us are well aware about this car because it is not just any other car, Its BMW. When it comes to this famous brand, of origin from Germany, they have great history in manufacturing sporting cars. These are the manufacturers of automobiles and aircraft engines till the year 1945 when it comes to their history. These luxurious cars are of many, models for the customers to choose their model and have their drive with pleasure.

Style your wheel

When it comes to beauty of the car, our eyes go on the wheels, so many people opt for different styles in wheels and get them done to their car. This car accessories are available in the market and even they are available in online too. You can check different models of wheels in the website, choose or pick one kind which you like and purchase it through online. The website gives you detailed information about the wheels with their specifications.

About the wheel style 37

If you want to know about this wheel bmw style 37, just open the webpage and look at the fabulous and elegant style of the wheel pictures which attracts you to get the wheel for your car. Styling your car with the wheels means you are getting a stylish rim model for your tyre, the specifications are clearly mentioned in the webpage and these are the details. The size is 8*18 and the offset is ET20 with weight 10,20 kg for the front use, for back use, the size is 9*18 and the offset is ET 22 with weight 9,86 kg. These specifications are for the series 5er E34. There are other series also mentioned in the webpage.

For 5er E39

In this series the size is 8×18 and have exception Touring, M5. Its offset is ET 20 With weight 10,27 kg and for the front use. For the back use, its size is 9×18 except for Touring, M5mand offset is ET 24 with weight 10,54 kg.

For 7er E38

In this series there are 4 types of sizes. the size is 8×18 with offset ET 13 and weight 10,27 kg for the Front usage. For the back use the size is 9,5×18 and offset is ET 25 weighing 10,54 kg. another one with size 8×18 * and offset ET 13 and weighs about 10,27 kg for the front use. For the back use the size is 9,5×18 * and offset ET 25 with weight 10,54 kg.

For 8er E31

For the front use the size is 8×18 and offset ET 13 weighing 10,27 kg. for the back usage the size is 9,5×18 with offset ET 25 and weight 10,54 kg.