Awesome Benefits of Switching to ACH Mode of Transfer

Besides cash, debit cards and credit cards have become the most popular form of transaction for most of the people all across the world. These payment methods have provided easy and convenient ways of transactions for the people. However, in spite of these payment methods being so popular, businesses are now trying to explore other payment channels for payments, especially because of the high processing fees associated with these transactions.

This is where the ACH or the Automated Clearing House transfer has come in for the help of businesses. The ACH is a new form electronic payment method that is being run by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). It’s very easy, convenient, and also needs very less processing fess when compared with other methods of transactions available today. ACH Payment Processing is also very faster than other methods and all the transactions are settled on the same day itself.

Here are some of the reasons that make ACH a good choice for business transactions:

Lower transaction costs

One of the most appealing features of ACH is it low processing fees when compared to other modes of payment, like the credit cards and the debit cards. The processing charges are very low, which means you can save more on the transactions. This is why most of the start-ups and small businesses are now turning to the ACH mode of transactions.

Faster processing

The settlement times of the transactions done through ACH are way faster than other mode of payments. At present you it just takes a little more than one day to settle debit card payments, two days to settle credit card payments, and four days to settle checks. Additionally NACHA has now approved a rule that would make the settlements on the same day, which is faster than the other mode of payments.


Unlike the checks, which are always vulnerable of being forged or misplaced, ACH transfers are direct and much safer. Some of the ACH transactions also carry out two-way micro validation to confirm that both the parties involved in the transaction are authentic. This means that the ACH mode of payments is one of the most secure modes of transactions available today.


ACH is loved by most of the people because of its simplicity and convenience. As a business owner, you say bye to your bulky checkbooks and provide your customers the flexibility to set-up their own recurring payments or make a one-time payment by using ACH. Furthermore, as the ACH Payment Processing happens between 2 banks you needn’t to follow up with the customer.