A Local News Is The News Of The World


Everything that happens in this world is the culmination of the certain events that conspire in the different points in time and could also happen in a different place all together. This is Chaos Theory that has a real significance in today’s fast paced and competitive world. There could be something ba that happens to someone or something very positive and these things are not random as there were some events that happened before this to enable the positive or negative event to take place without any interference. This happens our everyday lives as well. The fact that we fall in love without someone who we may have never seen or we may have grown up with is not a mere coincidence of any sort. Let us narrow our scope down to a local town. Many subtle and nuanced things happen in a small suburban town that is the reason for various other things. Take for example the small community of Tribeca in New York where there are many talented individuals with varying interests and opinions that make sense in the broader picture. The Tribeca celebrities that inhabit the community have a tremendous role to play in the lives of the locals.

Tribeca celebrities

A Culmination Of Events

The lives of the local folk of the Tribeca community are very normal and not in the least bit exciting for the average person who thinks that everything that happens in movies or with the celebrities that are portrayed in the Forbes magazine will happen to everyone. Even the very own Tribeca celebrities do not lead an extravagant live that is filled with action-sprees that is expressed in their own movies. If that was the case then everyone would not need to act in movies they would just have to shoot the everyday lives of celebrities. The celebrities themselves move into normal average communities as that is where the true opinion and true passion of any country lies and where you can really feel the homely attachment that you once felt growing up with your parents.


The fact of the matter remains to be seen that living the grand life does not mean parties champagne and expensive cars it is enjoying the subtleties of life and enjoying the very nature of life and what it represents, especially in the most rural of areas in a country.