5 Major Easy Card Trick Tutorial for Beginners

Who does not like to learn a new card trick? Starting from the beginners to the kids the card magic trick tutorial have to be easy enough to understand, learn and perform. Luckily there are plenty of card tricks that will fit into this description at ease. Starting from the entire process of floating the cards to the process of finding the cards these are so simple that anyone can tell the magician. It is important that you know the secrets and we will tell you everything that you need to know.

Marking the card levitate: Do you actually wish to know the secret of levitating a playing card? This is a trick that is surprisingly very easy once you actually get to know them. You will actually begin to dazzle around with your friends as you begin to play them from one hand to the other. For such kind of a trick you will actually need a gimmick that helps in creating an illusion. It also requires a few items that you will probably have around the house.

The Rising card trick: The rising card trick is generally believed to be a classic magic trick, and it’s yet another simple method that anyone could actually come forward and learn card magic trick tutorial. The goal here is to identify gravity as the card of your spectator rises from the deck. So is this something that does it all on its own. And as you will be able to find it, the secret actually lies in the positioning of the fingers.

Worlds easiest and Easiest Card Trick:There are many different kinds of card magic trick tutorials but this is one of the best. It is the best trick that any kid or a beginner could actually learn, and is believed to be a great foundation for the other complicated kind of tricks. This is a basic of finding the card that works out really very well when it comes to the spectator. And when you learn it you will then be able to understand how the magicians can guess your card each and every time. Plus it’s even more fun to combine it with a rising card and making it into even more spectacle.

The Floating Card: Get ready to break the law of gravity at least in the eyes of those people who are trying to break you. This fun and visual kind of a trick will actually show you another way of making the card seem like floating your hand. You will also create a gimmick card for one so do make sure that the card you are playing you can easily cut upon it. Beyond this is just a bit of glue, scissors is all that you actually need.

So what other tricks would you like to add to the tutorial above. Leave your comments below and we would be happy to add them to the blog post above.